Industrial Structure

Design of Welded Metal Frame

Metal Structure

  • Design and modeling of various elements of the metal structure
  • Preliminary modeling of the structure for finite element analysis
  • Optimization of the design (selection of structural profiles)
  • Modeling of walkways (frames + guardrails + stairs) for access/maintenance
  • Modeling of welded and bolted/assembled connections with fasteners
  • Interference calculations to ensure efficient assembly
  • Load verification, profile sizing
  • Design validation
  • Compliance with standards to ensure personnel safety (NF EN ISO 14122)


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Float Glass

Superstructure Management

Examples of Projects

  • CO2 Extraction Skid Project

    Description: Extraction skid with 2 autoclaves of 500L each.

    Application: Cosmetics

    Destination: France

    Tasks Completed:

    • Line design
    • Chassis and handling system design
    • Structural calculation notes
    • Electrical / automation studies
    • Risk analysis
    • External testing
    • Comprehensive documentation
    • FAT acceptance

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Food Industry

Fluid processing system design and process equipment specification.

E.I.A. & Process Engineering

Design of operating flowcharts, risk analysis, E.I.A. studies, supervision of work, and FAT/SAT execution.

Special Equipment

Development of various assembly machines, robotic cells, jigs, and workstations. Supplier management, tuning, and on-site customer commissioning.

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